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Air Filters are what we started off selling back in 1985 and something we know better than anyone else. With a warehouse packed with over 35,000, that’s replenished daily, we’ve probably got it in stock.

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Let your car engine breathe for perfect performance with every turn of the ignition.

Don’t choke your car with dirty air that keeps it performing below standard. 

Just like us, our cars need to breathe clean air to thrive.  It can only do this when quality air filters allow only the purest of air to enter the engine. 

Your car engine relies on pure air so the combustion process can work properly to keep your car moving powerfully.  When impure air gets into the engine, a lacklustre performance is the least of your worries. In fact, contaminated air in your engine can cause serious problems, including: 

  • An engine that wastes fuel
  • An engine that struggles to start,
  • Ignition difficulties
  • Damage to electrical components 
  • A shortened engine life span.

The damage that dirt and impure air can do is clearly no small thing. The whole engine equilibrium becomes unbalanced and unsustainable, that is unless you use high-quality air filters that are changed regularly.

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As the trusted supplier to the UK’s biggest plant hire companies, generator hire firms and national fleet operators, we know a thing or two about where the items we sell are put to work.

Air Filtration You Can Trust!

Car maintenance costs money, but repairs cost more. Choosing to invest in superior filters when your car needs them will save you tonnes down the line. You can’t compare the price of an air filter, even the best ones on the market, to the repairs you’ll need to do on your engine if you neglect this simple element of proper engine care.

Not only this, but you’ll find yourself spending more on fuel that’s not down to fuel price increases. A clogged-up air filter makes your engine work harder than it needs to, reducing fuel efficiency and the money left in your wallet. 

It’s really a no-brainer then that maintaining your car with top-quality fresh air filters is the only sensible choice to keep your car performing at its best while saving you pennies down the line. 

Air filters supplied to you from Commercial filters.

As specialists in the filtration industry for over 30 years, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to your car’s air filter. With a passion for automotive maintenance, we recommend and distribute only the highest quality air filters out there on the market. We know you want to keep your engine in the best shape possible, ad so do we. 

That’s why we make sure the air filters you get from us will: 

  • Increase engine longevity 
  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Reduce emissions 

When you choose Commercial Filters to supply your air filter, you’ll get what you need every time. Being one of the largest distributors of filters in the UK we’ve got air filters compatible with nearly any model, so getting your air filter is simple and easy. 

With an unbeatable service, large, frequently updated stocks, and a knowledgeable customer service team, you can get exactly what you need with the same or next-day delivery.

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