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With over 35 years of experience within automotive air filtration, customers and engines can breath easily knowing you’re in good hands. With a warehouse packed with over 35,000, that’s replenished daily, we’ve probably got it in stock.

Commercial Air Filters

Breath easy with our comprehensive range of commercial air filters.

The engine is the heart of any vehicle which is why it makes perfect sense to ensure that all components are set up to always deliver peak efficiency.

Without a fully functional filter, air gets sucked in.  This happens during the engines intake stroke.  Without an air filter in place the engine may also be sucking in other contaminants.  This can cause damage to internal parts such as pistons, cylinder wall and valves.  This can result in increased oil consumption, poor engine performance and possible engine failure.  In some cases a badly damaged air filter can allow contaminants to enter the turbo charger and engine which can lead to serious problems,  unnecessary time and money.

Contaminants within the air is all but guaranteed to disrupt the internal balance, leaving a range of negatives such as dirt, fluid, and other deposits on engine parts. This is hugely detrimental and will often cause a range of negatives such as damage to electronic components, ignition problems, fuel wastage and a shortened engine life span.

Fortunately, our extensive collection of commercial air filters is tailored to suit most vehicles, both on and off-highway. Meaning that your business can operate, without downtime for longer.

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As the trusted air filtration supplier to the UK’s biggest plant hire companies, generator hire firms and national fleet operators, we know a thing or two about where the items we sell are put to work.

What Air Filters are Best for my Business?


Our Donaldson range of replacement filters, air cleaners and associated accessories have everything your business requires to operate at peak efficiency for much longer, especially when using their innovative PowerCore range, a filter ideal for vehicles operating in medium to heavy dust environments.


The Cummins/Fleetguard range of filtration has benefitted from a continued evolution over the years with the addition of Nanofiber technology. This innovative feature, when combined with the enhanced pleat designs, will deliver optimal air filter performance for superior engine protection and lower equipment operating costs.

Mahle Filters

More and more vehicle fleets and engine manufacturers rely on MAHLE for their air filtration for a range of beneficial reasons. Improved engine performance, torque, improved fuel consumption and lowered emissions to name a few.

The materials used within these air filters are made using cellulose (paper) filters, plastic non-wovens, or a combination of both and as Mahle claim – “can trap just about everything!”  The Mahle air filter range will easily capture up to 99.98% of contaminants such as toxic dust, grit, soot, and other particles.

Baldwin Filters

Our Baldwin air filters are a sound investment for customers working in most environments. All products are birthed from a wealth of automotive filtration experience. From their range of air breather filters, foam air prefilters, and disposable housings, all customers can rest assured that all contaminants such as dust, grit and liquids that are created from fluctuations in the reservoir, will not enter the system! This will prevent wear and safeguard against faulty operation.

Commercial air filtration you can trust

Why Choose Our Commercial Air Filters?

Breath easy with our comprehensive range of commercial air filters.

We have over 35 years of experience within the automotive air filtration industry. This has allowed us to develop relationships with, and provide official distribution for some of the biggest brands on the planet such as;






We have a team of time-served filtration experts that will help ensure that you get the right air filter for your vehicle.

Same day delivery options for when you need us most. Simply make your order before 9am and your air filters will be with you before close of play.

Should you have any questions regarding our products or wish to bulk order, please contact our team today on 01706 750 333.

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