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Air Filtration Benefits

Post on 15/08/2021

Replace Your Air Filters Often!

Having your fleet of vehicles operate at peak efficiency is a beautiful thing. Business flows as intended and hopefully, profits keep rolling without any hitches……. that is until your engine slows to a snail’s pace, downs tools and requires some tlc.

Your engine and components are the life force of any vehicle and keeping on top of maintenance and changing your filtration on a regular basis should be a priority.

When was the last time you checked and/or changed the filters in your vehicle? Have you ever replaced the filter prior to an annual service?

It can be easy to overlook what impact a filter has on an engine and its components. Therefore, our team have put together a handy guide highlighting several key info points.

Protect Your Engine!

If you look at the front of your vehicle after any long trip you will see a range of dust, dirt, grit, dead insects, water, and more.  Imagine that these contaminants were able to make their way to the heart of the engine. You would be lucky to make it a few hundred yards, let alone a few hundred miles.

This is where automotive filtration plays its part. Air filters safeguard against debris reaching the engine which keep your vehicles on the road for longer.  If you allow your filter to get blocked, air restrictions will seriously affect performance and guarantee both engine failure and damage.

Changing your filter often will help safeguard against any negative!

A Sound Investment

Air filtration is usually not expensive, even when using branded models. High end filters provided by brands such as Donaldson and Cummins have been designed to withstand all contaminants and with over 100 years of experience you can rest assured that your engine performs as intended for longer!

Increased Fuel Economy

Your choice of air filter will play a huge impact on fuel costings. For your vehicle to run it requires a healthy mix of fuel and air.  If your vehicle fails to get air, more fuel is consumed which can seriously damage your wallet.

Lower Emissions

A clean air filter will help with the emissions system. A blocked filter will affect the system and cause a range of detrimental issues such as spark plug damage and increased engine deposits.

Seeing your engine light appear is never a good sign. A replacement air filter will help protect against this!

Increased Engine Life

The more you love your engine, the more it will love you back. Filtration is one way to get the most out of your vehicle.

When it comes to automotive filtration there are none better than the below;

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