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Donaldson Air Filters

With over 100 years of market leading evolution, Donaldson air filters have continued to develop innovative filtration technologies to this day.

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Commercial Filters

Air Filtration by Donaldson

When it comes to air filtration, customers will be hard-pressed to find a more reliable, durable, and technically sound product range than that of Donaldson.  As one of the biggest names on the globe, Donaldson has pioneered the development and continued evolution in most major advancements in heavy-duty usage since 1915.

This is a testament to the quality of all air filters provided by Donaldson!

Our team at Commercial Filters are proud to be official distributors of the entire Donaldson filters range giving our customers peace of mind when looking to purchase air filtration for their business.

We provide the full range of filters ideal for a range of light, medium, or heavy-duty usage across most industries working in some of the harshest of conditions.

Our popular air intake systems include;

Replacement Air Filters – Standard Donaldson Filters that focus on quality, coverage, and performance. These filters have been designed to fit our own air cleaners as well as those by other brands.

Powercore Filters – The Powercore range of air filtration is a lighter and smaller design that delivers a superior performance across all areas including initial restriction and dust-loading capacity!

Donaldson Blue Air Filters – The Blue air intake filters are designed with a fine fiber technology that will increase both filter and engine life. This is the filter of choice providing significantly more protection than that of a traditional cellulose filter.

Competitive Fit Filters – We provide replacement filters for popular air intake systems that meet or exceed application requirements.

High standards from every angle

Keep your engines performing for longer with Donaldson filters.

The air cleaners that we offer include;

  • Powercore PCD
  • EPG
  • ERA
  • EPB/ERB2
  • Dualite ECB, ECC and ECD
  • EBA Konepac
  • ECG Konepac
  • EBB
  • Powercore PSD
  • FKB
  • XRB
  • FPG & FPG Alexin
  • FRG
  • FRG2
  • FTG Cycloflow
  • SSG Donaclone
  • SPB2
  • SRB
  • STG Donaclone
  • STG Strata


Filter Service Indicators – We have a huge range of air filtration service indicators, switches, and gauges. These are designed to increase filter longevity and maximise utilization.

General Air Intake Accessories – We provide a complete line of intake components such as clamps, valves, tubing, and hosing.

Pre-Cleaners – Our range of pre-cleaning products are designed to extend the life of your air filter by preventing contamination and premature filter clogging.

Should you have any questions regarding the range of Donaldson air filters please contact our offices on 01706 750 333 or visit our facility on March Street, Rochdale.

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