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Donaldson Fuel Filters

Donaldson offers a complete line of aftermarket replacement fuel filters for popular fuel systems, designed with heavy-duty components for maximum durability. Their fuel filters avert early wear and tear from injectors and pumps by distributing cleaner fuel to the engine.

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Fuel Filtration by Donaldson

It is a known fact that fuel filters are the key to solid engine performance. Failing to replace them is a cost that nobody wants to pay – the fuel filter prevents dust from entering the engine which, in turn, could damage the cylinders, pistons and other components, leading to engine failure, slower acceleration and an increase in fuel consumption.

That’s why we pride ourselves on offering our customers Donaldson Filters. Donaldson has cemented their status in the filtration industry since 1915 and continue to provide state-of-the-art, durable technology.

The range works for a variety of fuel options such as diesel, biodiesel, and gas oil fuels and is designed for a wide variety of automotive industries such as construction, mining (above ground and below), energy (gas and oil), transportation, agriculture and marine (onshore and offshore).

What features do Donaldson Fuels Filters have?

Baffle plates, seams, can housings, liners and springs are all important factors when it comes to creating long-lasting filters due to their heavy-duty nature.

What are the advantages of choosing Donaldson?

Their cost-effective fuel filtration doesn’t mean having to cut corners. They look after every detail, big or small, and use top quality components to make top-quality filters – whether premium or standard.

Donaldson Blue® Fuel Filters

If you’re looking for a product that is fourfold cleaner than competing filters, look no further than Donaldson Blue® fuel filters. Their exclusive Synteq XP™ media technology provides greater durability for prolonged drain intervals, thus improving efficiency.

In over 100 years, engines have exponentially developed and now operate in a wide range of environments including vibration, fuel pump pulsation and surging fuel flows. This, of course, poses challenges for your fuel filters. 

The filters offer a first-class defence for high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel systems. On-engine fuel filters are the last step to remove any contaminants from your fuel system – a critical action needed for all types of operating conditions considering the challenging circumstances faced on a daily basis.

What features does the Donaldson Blue Fuel Filters have?

The Donaldson Blue Fuel Filters feature unsurpassed capture and retention of injector damaging contaminants as well as unparalleled performance in heavy-duty environments in comparison to inferior filters, known to “slough” contaminants during engine vibration.
They offer the best protection for modern High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) injectors. In order to ensure top performances from meticulously precise fuel-system pumps and injectors, fuel must be as clean and dry as possible.
nteq XP is the best available fuel filtration media and, as we know, the heart of any filter is the media inside as it establishes whether filters offer protection or complications.

What are the advantages of using Donaldson Blue?

Not only do they minimise expensive repairs and unplanned downtime, but clean fuel is also better for HPCR fuel systems, including injectors, pumps and engines.

Donaldson Competitive Fit Filters

If you’re searching for a convenient filter, Donaldson competitive fit filter elements can provide you the solution. They are available in numerous variants and easily fit into their Donaldson housings.

Steam Filter Elements

Steam replacement filters are on-hand to effectively remove contaminants from steam systems and to protect end users’ product and process integrity. Impressively, Donaldson is the lead in ground-breaking technology that upgrades drop-in substitutes for competitive steam filters. Their filter elements are durable and can be restored through ultrasonic baths.

Liquid Filter Elements

Donaldson offer a variety of industry-leading liquid filter elements such as Donaldson Lifetec™ for Donaldson liquid housings, as well as replacement filters for other popular brands.

What’s more, they supply liquid elements with different connections and types of adapters. The liquid filtration line is successful in ever-improving process reliability and in cutting production costs. The company has also established steady product availability and short lead times.

Compressed Air & Gas Filter Elements

Similar to the competitive fit filters, the compressed air and gas filters are readily available to install into Donaldson or popular filter brands’ housings.

Due to the validation of filter elements according to ISO 12500-1 and 12500-3, the performance data are unmatched.

Similar to the liquid filtration elements, the compressed air and gas filter elements have advanced filtration technology that guarantees energy efficiency as well as low differential pressure and a high dirt holding capacity. Their filter element portfolio applies to almost any industrial application and are ready to order.
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