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Donaldson Transmission Filters

Here at Commercial Filters, we strive to provide only the best brands for transmission filtration, such as Donaldson. Donaldson Filters provides a fantastic range of multi-pressure filters, available in several styles to suit practically any application that is transmission or power-steering based.

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Commercial Filters

Transmission Filtration by Donaldson

With technology rapidly evolving, it is crucial that automotive filtration stays one step ahead! Modern transmissions are highly dependents on near-perfect lubrication, so it is vital that a high-quality filter be used to ensure that oil reaches the transmission contaminant-free.

Safeguarding the transmission components against a wide range of contaminants will ensure that your vehicles continue to operate at peak performance for longer at an economical price.

Failure to replace transmission filters will certainly lead to wallet-busting repairs that could reduce the longevity by a mile. Each filter has the main function of ensuring that transmission fluids remain contaminant-free.

What signs do I look for that shows I need a new transmission filter?

Rattling noises, poor engagement, leaking, burning smells, problematic gear changes and noises when your vehicle is in neutral are all common symptoms that should not be ignored.

What solutions do Donaldson offer for transmission filters?

Donaldson offer a full line of hydraulic transmission and power steering solutions, including their proven Duramax® filters with Synteq™ media technology. These filters help to protect critical components from wear and maintain peak operating performance.

Donaldson Spin-Ons

Low-Pressure Spin-Ons

Donaldson offer a complete line of low-pressure spin-on replacement filters. They are designed to install easily into existing systems or can be paired with one of their cast aluminium heads.

Mid-Pressure Spin-Ons

Renowned for being top-of-the-range spin-on style filters, Duramax® Mid-Pressure Solution Donaldson Duramax filters are consistent, easy to install and easy to service.

Donaldson Cartridges

High-Pressure In-Line Cartridges

Donaldson high pressure filters help protect critical components from catastrophic failure. At an impressive 6500 psi (44818 kPa), that is the highest pressure that these heavy-duty cartridges can work to. Manifold style is just one type of porting that is offered for a broad range of applications.

Cartridge Filters

Donaldson offer a full line of cartridge-style replacement filters available with a variety of media options. Their filters provide versatile solutions to work with your existing hydraulic or transmission systems.

Synthetic Fibre Filters

Synthetic fibres are man-made, smooth, rounded and provide the least resistance to flow. Their consistent shape allows for control of the fibre size and distribution pattern throughout the media mat to create the smoothest, least inhibited fluid flow. Consistency of fibre shape allows for significant contaminant-catching surface area and specific pore size control. This leads to anticipated filtration efficiencies that eradicate indicated contaminants and full dirt-holding capacity. Synthetic media has low resistance which makes it ideal for use with synthetic fluids, water glycols, water/oil emulsions, HWCF and petroleum-based fluids.

Taking the above into consideration, it is hard to dispute Donaldson’s superiority. They offer nothing but top quality and value-for-money products with a wide variety of media choices and maximum uptime.

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