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Fuel Filters

Filters are what we started off selling back in 1985 and something we know better than anyone else. With a warehouse packed with over 35,000 that’s replenished daily, we’ve probably got it in stock.

Power your engines with purity

Fuel Filtration Suppliers

Keep your fleet of vehicles and machinery performing as intended for longer with our high-quality award-winning fuel filters. 

Fuel impurities caused by dirt and water have a hugely detrimental impact on your engine. Compromising your injection system and causing damage and corrosion to your engine components, you can’t drive confidently knowing your fuel filters aren’t up to scratch. 

Those who take their vehicles/machinery seriously, just like we do, need fuel filters to keep your fuel silky smooth and contaminant-free – keeping your engine in peak condition.

High engine performance without a price tag 

No one wants to spend money unnecessarily, but when you ignore your car’s fuel filter needs, you’ll be splashing cash to get it fixed. And more than you bargained for – especially more than the cost of a high-quality fuel filter, fitted right the first time. 

Investing in your fuel filters will keep your wallet in your pocket and a smile on your face when your car keeps driving just as well as the day you bought it. No clogged-up injection systems, just a quality driving experience mile after mile.

Highly Trust Supplier

Authorised Distributors

As the trusted supplier to the UK’s biggest plant hire companies, generator hire firms and national fleet operators, we know a thing or two about where the items we sell are put to work.

Commercial Filters

Simple Fuel Filter changes make a huge difference. 

It can be easy to get behind on changing your fuel filters regularly, and a slow decline in the performance of your engine may not be noticeable at the start. But eventually, the strain of fuel contaminants on your engine will show, and the damage, from the increased wear and tear, may already be done. 

Not changing your fuel filters when they’re due can lead to: 

  • An engine that just won’t start
  • Lower power and slower acceleration
  • More frequent stalling 
  • Spending more on fuel for the same milage
  • System warning

Don’t let this happen to your car. The solution is simple. Keep on top of regular fuel filter changes and avoid these common problems when your fuel filters get forgotten about. 

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Fuel filters directly from Commercial filters

Commercial Filters runs on the passion we have for maintaining high standards within the automotive industry. We recommend and distribute only the best aftermarket fuel filters that will keep your fuel pure and your engines running smoothly from start to finish.

There’s nothing mediocre about what we supply because we know theirs nothing mediocre about your car.  When you choose to look after your car engine with fuel filters we deliver, you’ll know you’ve got quality and value. 

We’ll have the right fuel filter for you  

We’re not just big on car care, we’re one of the biggest suppliers of aftermarket automotive filters in the country. That’s why when you come to commercial filters, you know we can supply you with the fuel filter you need for any car. A fuel filter that fits perfectly and will do its job to the highest of standards. 

Getting it delivered is no problem either. With same or next day delivery available we’re the most comprehensive and streamlined filter distributors out there. Our stocks are updated every day,  so there’s not a chance you’ll not get what you need. 

With expert knowledge of the filtration industry surpassing 30 years, enthusiasm for all things automotive, and the best choice of top quality filters, we’ve got a service that just can’t be beaten.