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As one of the largest filter companies in the UK we have a huge stock that we constantly keep updated. Whatever hydraulic filter you need, you can come directly to us and know we can get you what you need. We can even do this at super speed for your convenience. With same day or next day delivery, you can have your hydraulic filters in no time.

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Keeping your hydraulic systems well maintained is not a matter of choice if you want to make sure they are performing up to scratch. 

Hydraulic systems rely on oil compressed at huge pressures to do heavy work with ease, but the oil in the system needs to remain pure and uncontaminated to keep your hydraulic system in tip-top shape. 

Maintaining your hydraulic system’s oil through investing in quality engineered hydraulic filers allows you to keep your hydraulic system functioning at top performance while keeping your hydraulic system in excellent condition. 

Investing in your hydraulic oil filters regularly will pay for its self over and over again when you realise that contaminated oil is the leading cause of degradation in a hydraulic system. When this happens the pressure in your system just can’t be maintained and it can’t do its job. With this knowledge, you can’t argue that maintenance is better than mending, or even worse, replacement. 

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As the trusted supplier to the UK’s biggest plant hire companies, generator hire firms and national fleet operators, we know a thing or two about where the items we sell are put to work.

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When you find you’re needing to change your hydraulic oil regularly, again and again –  there’s something else going on with your system. When you have proper hydraulic system maintenance in place your oil should stay in great condition. 

Making sure you have fresh, high-quality hydraulic filters properly fitted will ensure no contamination can get into your oil and keep it flowing perfectly throughout the whole system. 

When you’ve got above standard filters in place, you can say bye to regular expensive oil change filters and welcome easy maintenance that keeps your equipment lasting longer instead. 

Hydraulic filters from Commercial Filters. 

When you want the best performance from your hydraulic system, you need to use the best components, including your hydraulic filters. Even minor contamination of hydraulic oil can start wearing down your system reducing its performance and even its longevity. 

That’s why with our 30 years plus of expert knowledge, we only stock, recommend and distribute the highest quality hydraulic filters on the market. We don’t deal in subpar, because we know they won’t keep your hydraulic systems up to the standards you need and want. You can trust us to ensure the filters you get from us will do their job to the highest of standards, and last the test of time.

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