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Mahle are one of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive filtration and have been since their inception back in 1920.  The continued growth and evolution of Mahle Filters show why they have been a market leader for over 100 years.

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Mahle Filters

The Mahle filtration product range is synonymous with high-quality, durability and practicality. This ensures that each customer has peace of mind when it comes to replacing the filters on their machines. Commercial Filters are proud to stock the full range of Mahle Filters as the products are ideal for any vehicle fleet, machinery, and associated equipment. 

The main product line includes;

Clean Line Filters: It is vital that your components are protected against water, rust, and lubricity of fuel. The range of CleanLine oil filters will provide optimal protection for all diesel engines. 

Transmission Filters: Mahle state that with each ATX 180 transmission flushing unit, customers can automate the entire process.  Each unit removes abrasions from the transmission providing instant protection.

Customers can also change the filters in a simple and hassle-free manner. Should you have any questions regarding this please contact one of our team today on 01706 750 333.

Cabin Filters: Our collection of Mahle cabin filters ensure that drivers and passengers are reliably supplied with clean air.  This type of filter also comes with a range of benefits such as dust reduction in the cabin, blower load reduction, and protection for the HVAC system against a range of common contaminants.

Fuel Filters: The range of Mahle fuel filters protect vehicle fleet engines and machinery against a wide range of the most common contaminants. Regular services are advised with replacements expected between 500-1000 hours.

Air Filters: Engine performance, torque, low-consumption, and minimal emissions are a but a few of the benefits that can be expected by the Mahle range of air filtration. The design, build quality and materials used have been specifically used to provide a stunning protection against wear on valves, cylinders, piston rings, bearings, and more!

Air-Drying Cartridges: Heavy duty vehicles can operate for longer with the Mahle range of air-drying cartridges, ideal for all pneumatic systems. Main benefits include an impressive removal of moisture from air leading to less corrosion in the lines and tanks.

Oil Filters: The Mahle oil filers ensure that all vehicles benefit from reliable function, engine protection and more. Keep your vehicle running for longer with Mahle filters!

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Mahle Filters: Why Choose Us?

Commercial Filters are one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of filtration products for a range of vehicles, access machines and more.  We are authorised distributors for the biggest names in commercial filtration such as Donaldson, Fleetguard, Mann, Baldwin and of course, Mahle!

Should you have any questions regarding Mahle Filters please contact one of our team directly on 01706 750 333 where a member of our team will be happy to assist.

Are Mahle filters good?

Yes, Mahl filters are considered one of the biggest brands in commercial filtration. The company have been established as a market leader for over 100 years which is a testament to the quality of the product line. The brand has a sterling reputation worldwide as a market leading supplier of automotive products.

Where can I buy a Mahle Filter?

As one of the the largest commercial filtration distribution companies in the UK, you can purchase all of the Mahle filters range from Commercial filters Rochdale. Call us today on 01706 750 333 or head over to our main store on March street in Rochdale to see how we can help you with your Mahle filter requirements.

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