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Transmission Filters

With over 30 years of expertise behind us in the transmission filtration industry, and as one of the leading distributors in the country, you can be sure to get the right filter you need for your car with excellent service.

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We know you want a smooth drive every time, and changing gears perfectly in your transmission box is key for a car that performs well with every mile you drive. To get a transmission box to change up and down with ease, every time, it relies on pure transmission fluid. Keeping your transmission fluid silky smooth and free from contamination with dirt and other particles throughout its use relies on expertly engineered transmission filters that ensure the perfect functioning of your transmission fuel and transmission box. 

It all works together in a fine balance, and when one component is out or not working properly the whole balance gets thrown. This results in poor performance and damage to the components of your car. When your transmission oil can’t perform as it should due to contaminants or your filter needs changing it risks:

  • Poor gear changing performance
  • Transmission fluid leaking reducing the amount available to lubricate your transmission
  • Damage to your transmission will eventually need fixing.

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As the trusted supplier to the UK’s biggest plant hire companies, generator hire firms and national fleet operators, we know a thing or two about where the items we sell are put to work.

Prevention is the best option

Award-Winning Transmission Filtration

We know you want to take expert care of your car, so we also know you’d rather invest in maintaining it for perfect performance than leaving it to deteriorate, costing you more money down the line and a poor driving experience. 

Making sure you change your transmission filters regularly with quality transmission filters will help to ensure the proper performance of your transmission and your transmission longevity. The less you have to fix in your car the better. 

So why not invest in changing your transmission filters regularly to keep your car flying down the road again and again, without reducing the performance of your car or damaging the transmission. 

There’s really no question. Invest now for a well-maintained car long after installation. 

Step your car maintenance up a gear with quality transmission filters. 

We know your car isn’t mediocre so you wouldn’t put mediocre parts in your car. With Comercial Filters, we only stock, recommend and distribute the highest quality transmission filters on the market. You want the best for your car, and so do we.

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