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Commercial Transmission Filters

With over 30 years of expertise behind us in the commercial transmission filtration industry, and as one of the leading distributors in the country, you can be sure to get the right filter you need for your car with excellent service.

Commercial Transmission Filters

Commercial Transmission Filtration

Our range of commercial transmission filters are part of a continued evolution spanning back over 100 years and with technology evolving at a rapid pace, it is vital that automotive filtration stays ahead of the curve!

Modern transmissions are highly dependant on near-perfect lubrication, so it is vital that a high-quality filter be used to ensure that oil reaches the transmission contaminant free.

Safeguarding the transmission components against a wide range of contaminants will ensure that your vehicles continue to operate at impressive performance for longer, saving money in both the short-term and long-term.

Our team will only provide transmission filtration from the biggest brands on the planet as these brands have ensured perfection in all aspects of the design from the filter, filtration medium, and housing materials.

Customers can select from a range of options such as;

Compact flat filters

Spin-on filters – designed to sit in the oil sump

Pressure filters – these can be used in the newest CVT & DSG gearboxes

Highly Trust Supplier

Authorised Distributors

As the trusted supplier to the UK’s biggest plant hire companies, generator hire firms and national fleet operators, we know a thing or two about where the items we sell are put to work.

Prevention is the best option

Transmission Filtration – When to replace?

Failure to replace your transmission filter when required will likely lead to an expensive set of repairs, ones that could reduce engine/component longevity significantly.

Each filter has one main focus – ensure transmission fluids are safe from contaminants so as to protect precious components.

With this in mind we have listed some of the main things to look for;

  1. Rattling noises
  2. Poor engagement
  3. Leaking
  4. Burning smell
  5. Problematic gear changes
  6. Noise when vehicle in neutral

This is only a top-level oversight of common symptoms yet something that should not be overlooked.

Fortunately we have a highly experienced team on hand to assist you as and when needed!

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